Reiki is worldwide very popular healing technique in which the healer channelalizes the energy to heal the others through the auspicious real feelings to cure. In this technique there is on energy giver who is called a Reiki expert, Reiki master or Reiki healer and the other person is a receiver. In this method, no medicine is used. The cure is done with the help of holistic method of channelizing the reiki energy to the others. Reiki can also be used for plants & environment. The expert Reiki masters & Reiki grandmaster is expert to heal the conditions, circumstances, thinking method, tense and depressed people too.

In this process few specific sybols are used to divert the negativities. Though mild health problems are known to be solved fast but sometimes the bigger health related issues are also addressed with this art. In each case the healer himself has to charge himself daily for some time so that his own and personal energy does not get exhausted. Aura science is very closely connected with this art of healing & the expert usually try to diagnose the illness with the seven-chakra principle & they try to improve all the chakras of human body to align in straight & right rhythem so that the cosmic energy get channelized in human body itself in a very subtle, but positive manner.

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