Pyramid Power

Though Pyramids have been an integral part of each worship place in whole of the world since times immemorable but the Pyramids of Egypt built in their mysteriously olden times had been baffling the modern scientists continuously. The word PYRAMID originates from the Greek word “PYRA” which means FIRE and “MID” means located at the central point. We know that FIRE is one of the five macro elements of this entire universe as well as an important constituent of human body i.e. PANCHTATVA and one can’t think of any life without heat, the super powerful energy. The concept of Pyramid is also aimed at harnessing the same by trapping it into a structure where all the virtues & characteristics of this strongest element can be harnessed for the positive deeds and human’s well being. Electromagnetic fields generate inside pyramids which can be used in different kinds of electro-therapy and can raise the cell’s metabolic rate by electrolysis. If a pyramidal structure can have such miraculous capacity on the living organisms, what if the residential/ business premises is constructed in line with Vaastu Shastra best of their users wealth, health, harmony & prosperity.

Pyramids are always positive, however their positive impacts can be fully and properly harnessed if the same is used/ constructed with perfection. Pyramids can be made more handy and useful for the purpose of improvement in memory, confidence and warding off stresses. In Pooja place too, Pyramids of different shape, size and material are recommended to use for different purposes. A complete family of Pyramids (Crystal, Rose Quartz & Amethyst) cushions everybody manifolds. Today the Best Pyrasmids are Milky Crystal Pyramids of 1 inch3 inches, 5 inches or bigger.

No wonder the Pyramids of Egypt are still a mystery and one of the seven wonders of the world.

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