Hi-Tech Vastu

Hi-tech or High Tech Vastu may look to be very different from the traditional Vastu audit system, especially to them who have only seen the traditional Vastu consultants working on the theory of directions only. These traditional Vastu consultants have only the knowledge to use the compass only. But Dr. Anand Bhardwaj is very senior, highest experienced & world’s highest qualified Vastu consultant who has visited more than 41000 clients during his experience of 39 years of Vastu audit period. Dr Anand Bhardwaj has visited many countries for Vastu audit.

He uses several hi-tech sensors, scanners, energy meters, computerized energy scanning systems, micro sensors. These hi-tech Vastu instruments help Dr Anand Bhardwaj in sensing, detecting & tracing all the invisible or hidden energy vibrations easily. We are sure that no one on this earth has heard about such hi-tech Vastu sensors ever in his life. These sensors work on 360 degree Vastu audit and trace 3 dimensions Vastu vibes. Certainly this quality makes Dr Anand Bhardwaj a totally different, sensible, mature & authentic Vastu consultant. This is his unique quality. He is far away from superstition & does not have any faith in tantric-Mantra-Yantra crafted by unauthentic people in India.

He has invested almost 52 years in education including Doctorate degree in Vastu & D. Sc. Which is equivalent to D.Lit in India and many other countries worldwide. This is the top most degree in Vastu Science got from U.S.A. Dr Anand Bhardwaj is Vastu Consultant in India but he has attended thousands of Vastu workshops, Seminars, Symposiums & lectures in which he himself is a Vastu celebrity 7 he is honored with a chief speaker in almost 95% such seminars. Thus Dr Anand Bhardwaj has a decorated image and high value in the eyes of almost all senior Vastu consultants of the world.

One may notice that when Dr Anand Bhardwaj is on the podium in any seminar, there is a pin drop silence in the hall so that the huge audience may listen each valuable sentence & each precious word of Dr Anand Bhardwaj. He is very simple, down-the-earth & sober Vastu consultant. He deals in Vastu corrections without demolition.

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