Hi friends, 

I am Dr. Anand Bhardwaj, Director International Institute of Vaidic Culture, India & you are getting to know details about courses being organized by us.

 Friend, IIVC is an international status organization which is registered by the Government.

 Before you read this, I would like to clarify main features of the Institute & its coaching system:

  1. We offer only online courses thru emails & live chat only.
  2. IIVC is a private Institute which is an independent organization meant to impart education, research & training of Vastu Shastra & Fengshu.  IIVC has its own management body to look after its working, development, controls & legal obligations.

Students shall have to pay only the fees … for everything including issue of your PRN i.e. permanent registration number, letter of fees receipt, entire reading material, question papers, detailed guidelines, VIVA & other email communication. This I am telling you to ensure you that there are no hidden charges. We don’t charge any extra amount for sending the letter of completion of the course, printed & laminated Vastu folder & Certificate etc. which we send thru Registered Indian Post or Courier etc.

To know more about Vastu courses just log on to our website given below as highlighted and it is also there in the description.,

Now I will explain you the procedure of admission …

First step: Just read the details given in the website..

You have to fill up the admission form given on the description… and also highlighted below page link..

Now I will explain you about all the courses which we offer… starting from Level-1 to Level-5 ….

Level-1 is called basic course or elementary course in which you will learn the background and basics of Vastu shastra.

Level-2: this is advanced Vastu course in which you will learn in-depth knowledge of Vastu..

Level-3: This is the professional vastu course meant to make you a professional Vastu consultant. It means after doing this Level, you can practice Vastu,

Level-4; This is the Remedial Vastu course in which you will learn Vastu corrections without demolition..

Level-5: This is the most advanced & scientific course available in the world in which you will learn to use various tools & instruments to detect various energy vibrations with the help of the most advanced technology…


After you submit the admission form, our admission Department will notify you within 24 hours with all the further details…

 After examining your eligibility, the admission department will reply you with your Temporary Registration Number and details & modes of paying the fees like online bank transfer, Western Union, Paypal or other modes as per your convenience.

After making the payment with the preferred method, you will have to notify us with the payment receipt with your Temporary Registration Number.

Now your admission process is complete.

After we will verify your payment we will start sending you the Chaper 1 which is called Module 1, its question paper & guidelines as to how to reply the question paper. We hope to receive the answer sheets thru email as soon as you mail us. Within 24 hours from the time of receiving your answers, we shall send the next Module & next question paper. The system shall follow this procedure.

if you have any problem in locating the application form, just send us mail on stating your name, gender, date of birth, qualification, phone number, address and medium i.e. Hindi or English..

Students, all the Modules are very easy to understand.. however if you feel any difficulty, please mail the query or call me on the phone numbers given below or come on SKYPE or ‘google talk’ to discuss face to face between 9 PM to 10.30 PM as per Indian time….

After we receive all the answer sheets from you a short VIVA shall be done which is a sort of informal discussion of few minutes on Chat, Phone, google hangouts, Skype etc. This is compulsory.

After the Viva, our examination team shall prepare your mark sheet or grade sheet, then we shall send your Letter of Completion of that level, your marks or Grade, your certificate, your colored & laminated Vastu folder etc. thru Post or Courier which will reach you in due course of time. We will also send you a soft copy of your Certificate & letter of completion thru your email within 48 hours.


However, if you are interested in getting admission to next Level-2, simply you have to pay the fees and your next Level will start immediately & your Permanent Registration Number shall always remain the same.


Your result shall be summarized in grades like A++, A+, B, C & D. In case of D grade, the student shall have to send again the answers of those Modules which are grading low. There are no extra charges for resubmission.

You can take the detailed information about Vastu courses thru email also. Our email is

The certificates are different in colour, size & style for each Level  and they bear my signature, signatures of your courses coordinator or examination head. It is under the seal & Logo of International Institute of Vaidic Culture.

I again repeat that we do not offer any Regular Course or Classroom system. We prefer to march with time.. no one would like to move physically in private or public transport system spoiling many hours on the road… that too when today everybody is very dynamic & prefers to do many things simultaneously like study, training, business, shopping, enjoying life also. So why to enter again into the 19 th. century.. one should be technology savvy, internet friendly, modern & advanced. Please note that fees once paid cannot be refunded or transferred in others account.


Let me again share the most attractive features of our courses..

If you are very fast and reply the Modules every day, you can complete one month course in 15 days, but if you are occupied or engaged in any other personal assignment like job, function, tours or other reasons, no need to worry because one month course can be completed within 6 months….. It means we are very much flexible and match with the requirement, comfort and availability of the students …

I am sure you shall be feeling relaxed to know such attractively designed Vastu courses… Certainly such flexible and economically viable courses are very hard to find anywhere in vicinity….

There are few highlights of our Vastu courses which certainly make us different, advanced, scientific & logical..

All the courses are very precise, to-the-point, easy and interesting,

We teach scientific aspects of Vastu Shastra which are not available on internet, market books or in other literatures,

We do not teach any superstitious thing.. we aim at making you a Vastu Scientist.. which is hard to find anywhere,

Our fees is very minimum & perhaps the lowest in the world of such status Vastu coaching,

We explain each Vastu factor in such a way that students can understand the epical & historical knowledge i.e. Vedas & old great epics combined with modern Vastu science.

Minimum age limit is 14 years with a sound knowledge of  reading & writing English or Hindi.

This is a statutory declaration that:

Our all courses are based on art, knowledge, hobby, personal learning, religion and culture HENCE we cannot give any Degree or Diploma in any discipline.. Please note that awarding any Degree or diploma is internationally illegal when the institute is not linked with any University or UGC connected body.

Therefore IIVC cannot guarantee any private or government job, livelihood, services, appointments, consultancy, partnership, help or other surety of your future earnings prospects.

Vastu Courses or Best Vastu Courses are run for Degree in Vastu, Diploma in Vastu etc by various Vastu Institutes in the city but finding Best Vastu Institute, Vastu College etc to Learn Vastu in Delhi is requirement based.

Hence, it is upto you to decide how to use this knowledge in your life. We do not take any legal responsibility of any country’s legality or statutory obligations.

All the legal disputes are subject to Faridabad, India court,

Usage of full or any part of our reading material, the above description, our videos in original, in copy, twisted or distorted manner, in whatsoever form, presented, applied, written, published or used on internet, shall be illegal under various clauses and streams of the Indian copyright Act 1957 and the responsibility of such things shall legally rest on the offender.


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